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  • ​SMARTADAPT™ Personalized and Guided Review, an online platform intelligently adapts to your unique study needs telling you what you need to study and when you are ready to pass. 
  • Digital and physical copies of CMA books.

  • Largest test bank of questions on the market: includes around 4,500 MCQs and 180+ essays (Both Parts).

  • Focused questions (True/ False) of around 550 questions (Both Parts).
  • Unmatched Exam Day Emulation.

  • Gleim Instruct Video Lecture Series: over 45 hours of in-depth coverage (English Subtitle is available).

  • Access Until You Pass® Guarantee.

  • Personal Counselors: your very own exam mentor.

  • Assistance from Accounting Experts.

  • Audio Lectures (Streaming or MP3).

  • Full-Length Exam Rehearsal & Final Review mode.

  • Interactive Study Planner.

CMA Premium Review System

  • 2023 Edition.